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Is Antonia Vidor available for interviews?
Antonia (Toni) is getting on in years and her health is not great, so she doesn’t travel anymore. She may consider face to face, skype or phone interviews as she is able. We continue to video Toni’s story and life, which we post on the website, and will possibly consider a web conference in the near future. Please contact us at  ‘info at antonia vidor dot com’  if you would like to consider the possibility of some sort of interview.

Who is Adi Da Samraj?
A Western born Spiritual Master, and Toni’s Teacher and Guru, whom she writes about extensively in her book. Adi Da Samraj is a Divine Incarnation; a Spiritually Transmitting Master and Guru, who left his body in 2008.  He leaves behind a prolific body of written, audio & visual materials, and Image Art he created as a continued means of this communication.

For a more complete description of his life and work, please go here.

Who was King Vidor?
King Vidor was the Steven Spielberg of his era in Hollywood, and had a directing, producing and screen writing career that spanned seven decades. His career started in the silent era and continued into the talking and color era. His most notable films were The Crowd, War and Peace, Duel in the Sun and Fountainhead. He also directed the black and white segments of The Wizard of Oz although he chose to remain uncredited. He was married three times. Toni’s mother, the famous silent film actress, Eleanor Boardman, was his second wife.

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